How to make time off requests on when to work

How to request time off on When-to- Work

Time off request policies:

-If you need an afternoon off, or one or two days off:
You must make your request with 2 weeks notice. Anything under two weeks notice will be denied. If you feel you have some sort of special circumstance, please contact the scheduling manager directly. *Major holidays must be more than 2 weeks
If you need five consecutive days, a week or more off (i.e. vacation, camp):
You must submit your time off requests as soon as the season starts or as soon as you know. We are aware that sometimes you might decide in June to take a trip in August, and that is fine, but we need to know as soon as possible. For the most part, vacations are usually booked by the time the season starts and we appreciate knowing at the earliest time.

How to make a time off request for one afternoon:

    How to make a time off request for one full day:
    -Example: you have a family party on August 3rd and won’t be able to work at all.
    -Go into the time of request tab on When to Work
    -Click on August 3
    -Select the circle that says “Full Day(s) Off”
    -Enter 1 day(s) in a row.
    -Comment: Family Party
    -Click Request time off.

    How to make a time off request for several days in a row:
    -Example: you are going on vacation from July 12th and returning on July 17th.
    -Go into the time of request tab on When to Work
    -Click on July 12th.
    - Select the circle that says “Full Day(s) Off”
    - Enter 6 day(s) off in a row
    -Comment: Vacation
    -Click Request Time Off

    How to make a time off request for a repeating time for repeating weeks:
    -Example: you have a night class on Tuesdays from 6pm until 9pm for five weeks starting May 27th.
    -Go into the time of request tab on When to Work
    -Click on May 27th.
    -Select the circle that says “of Partial Day or Repeating Days Off”
    - Select start time for 5pm
    -Select end time for 9pm.
    -Enter Repeat for 5 additional weeks
    -Comment: Class
    -Click Request Time Off
    **If you are in high school and are making time off requests for the rest of June when you are still in school, you MUST do 5 time off requests of this manner. One for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Do NOT just take off Mondays from 6am until 3pm for 3 weeks until school is out. That would ONLY give you Mondays off**

    How to Request off for your last day of the season:
    -Example: You are going back to college on August 29th and will be unable to work the rest of the season. (Don’t have to make this request until later in the season).
    -Go into the time of request tab on When to Work
    -Click on August 29
    Select the circle that says “Full Day(s) Off”
    -Enter 100 day(s) in a row.
    -Comment: Going back to school
    -Click Submit time off request

    Time off Requests Dos and Don’ts:

    -Always leave a comment! This not only helps us know why you need the time off, but it also helps you. If you make a mistake in the way you request time off, and you leave a comment, I might notice that you put the request in inaccurately. For example, you may only take off the day of your appointment to have your wisdom teeth removed, but with a wisdom teeth removal surgery you wont be able to work for a few days. If you leave that as your comment that you are getting your wisdom teeth removed, I will notice and tell you to take additional days off because you won’t be able to work the day after a wisdom teeth surgery.
    -Double check before you submit. Make sure that you are entering the time off request accurately. This is especially important for repeating request. If you forget to add the repeating for x amount of weeks, you will ONLY get the one day off that you initially selected as the start date.
    -Always make sure to give the proper amount of time for notice. We understand that this job runs in the summer and many of you have other commitments, which is totally fine! But you have to give us the proper notice when you request time off. The time off request policies are there because they give us enough buffer time to figure out another arrangement for a shift we were planning to schedule you for.

    -Be Afraid to ask questions!
    The time off requests on WhentoWork can be a little tricky to get used to, so feel free to ask your scheduling manager questions if you are unsure. We would rather help you put it in the right way, rather than you put it in wrong, and we all are stuck on a day you thought you had off but we had you scheduled for. If your not sure which method to follow for a particular time off request, just ask!
    -Wait until the last minute to request time off. Again, timing is crucial with the time off requests. If you know you have an appointment in August, request it off in May! We can always delete requests if you no longer need them, just tell your scheduling manager.
    -Assume. Don’t assume since we have your college information or know your date of birth so you must be in high school, that we know when you need time off for school. There are about 200 employees in total at IPM, it is a lot to remember. Your scheduling manager may know that you are in high school, but may not be consciously thinking about that when making the schedule. So request off for school!
    -Skip steps. All of the steps are there to make this process as simple and efficient for both you and your scheduling manager. Less scheduling errors and miscommunication will happen if you take your time off requests properly. For example, when requesting off for the end of the season, don’t just enter 20 days, your last day may be well more than 20 days before the end of our season. Also, don’t put 1000 days, because then you will be off for everyday the following few seasons. Take the time to follow the steps for your time off requests and scheduling will run much more smoothly. Again, don’t be afraid to ask questions!